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Testimonials Masonry style

“I’m not gonna lie when I say I didn’t think too much of it when I first showed up and saw the lil 50cc bikes. After 2 sessions and 2 falls ( major sorry ) I was hooked. Never knew that you can have so much fun and learn/ improve your riding skills all in one day with a great group of riders. Thanks again for the day of fun”

A. Yen

“Thanks for putting on such a fun event, M1GP! Our family had a great time hitting the track for the first time since before we had rugrats. Thanks all for being so patient and courteous with my little guy on the track. Elias says his favorite part was “passing mommy”.😂

A. Guerrero

“Had an amazing time today at kart track willow springs. Thank you all the staff. I was wondering where I can check schedule for this year and next year? Would love to come back with more friends. And where can I see the photos taken today? Thanks so much M1GP Rider Clinics”

K. Jul

“Special thanks to Young Lee and his staff for an outstanding day of rider instruction. My daughter Jasmine will become a stronger contender out there on the grid thanks to M1GP Rider Clinic and their staff. If you have been thinking of attending, I highly recommend you just do it…you will not regret it.”

M. Nichols

“Thank you for the instruction and tips to make me a better rider. :)”

A. Leith