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SPORTSMANSHIP / CLEAN RIDING BULLETIN 560 420 M1GP American Mini Motorcycle Road Racing Association


September 24, 2017

M1GP Operational Bulletin – Unsafe Riding Enforcement Actions

Rider safety is of utmost importance to M1GP. The following issues have been in the rulebook for years, but new enforcement actions are being put in place to address unsafe riding during M1GP racing events. This operational bulletin will remain as an amendment to the current rulebook and will be included in the next revision.


Several instances of unsafe riding practices were observed and reported during the recent M1GP24 (2017) which would not be acceptable at the professional level or any respected racing organization.
Up until recently this has not been issue that M1GP has had to directly address. Due to recent events, M1GP staff feels it must directly address this issue with rules and escalation steps.

Unsafe riding is unacceptable and a risk to the safely of all event participants, and will not be tolerated at M1GP events.

Overly Aggressive Riding

Overly aggressive riding may include, but not be limited to: stuffing, intentionally or a pattern of cutting off the nose after a pass, punting (knocking someone off the track

–  Hand Signals

Any hand signals given from the bleachers to the track or vice versa will be penalized with increasing penalties (as stated earlier with unsafe riding). This includes thumbs up or “#1” or waving.
All communication between rider and team must happen in the designated pit-board area only.

Any rider or team that demonstrates a perceived pattern of unsafe riding as determined by M1GP will be subject to one or more of the following enforcement actions. Race direction will determine which enforcement actions are appropriate based on infraction conditions.


  • Formal notice by race direction, verbal or written, of infraction.
  • Event penalties assessed for offending rider or team.
  • Disqualification and immediate removal of rider from participation in event.
  • Disqualification and immediate removal of team from participation in event.