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M1GP Rider Clinics


  • What's a Rider Clinic?

    What's a Rider Clinic?
    M1GP Rider Clinics provide riders a low-risk and fun way to develop riding skills and discover their limits at their own pace in a controlled environment. M1GP provides the bikes and our staff guide riders throughout the day with on-track feedback and off-track drills.
  • Who are Rider Clinics for?

    Who are Rider Clinics for?
    Riders of all skill levels and ages, including brand new motorcyclists, street riders and experienced racers who want to hone skills. -- Note: Attendees must know how to ride a bicycle.
  • Where are RCs held?

    Where are RCs held?
    Our Rider Clinics (RCs) are held at either Willow Springs International Raceway or our new track for 2016, which we'll be announcing at our Keynote January 10th.
  • How does one experience an RC?

    How does one experience an RC?
    It's easy to try attend a Rider Clinic! 1. Read our Rider Clinic FAQs 2. See our event calendar and register!