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Honda Contingency Returns to M1GP in 2018

Press Release

Jan. 5, 2018

Riders can now benefit from winning purse money at M1GP races thanks to support from American Honda.

Visit the Honda contingency page for details.

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560 420 M1GP American Mini Motorcycle Road Racing Association

M1GP Brings Motorcycle Track Riding & Racing to the Central Coast

Press Release

December 20, 2017

Motorcycle Rider Training, Track Days And Racing Coming To California’s Central Coast.

Santa Maria Karting Association partner with M1GP to offer two-wheeled training, practice days (track days) and racing events to the Santa Maria Kart Track starting in 2018. The SMKA board has selected M1GP as the official motorcycle partner of SMKA due to their successful history together.  

Motorcycle memberships for the Santa Maria kart track will be offered exclusively through M1GP.

“SMKA is excited to partner with M1GP and to provide riders affiliated with M1GP with access to one of California’s best tracks,” said Michael Toke, SMKA’s President.  “We believe that this will be a win-win for both clubs and will stimulate interest in karting and motorcycling in our area.”

“We held our first Santa Maria event in 2013 and were first to bring motorcycles to the track.  Since then, M1GP and our community of racers and families have proven to meet the criteria of the SMKA board members regarding safety and overall compatibility between the organizations. We have a shared vision of growing awareness of one of the best karting tracks and increasing ridership in a responsible way”, said Young Lee, owner of M1GP. “We’re very excited about this partnership with SMKA and the opportunity to open up the track to new and experienced motorcyclists with our rider training program and racing events.”

  • Santa Maria Karting Association and M1GP will host an Open Practice/Arrive & Drive for drivers + Meet & Greet for motorcyclists for those interested in checking out the track and getting more information.  This event will be open to the public.

    When: Saturday, January 13, 2018, 9AM – 2PM+
    Where: 32 S Blosser Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93455

  • Fees:Kart rentals – Members are free (unless they need a kart) and non-members pay a guest fee ($45).  The guest fee can be applied to the membership if the person decides to join.

Founded in 1960, SMKA is one of the oldest karting clubs in North America and one of a few clubs that owns its own track.  Over the years, SKMA’s kart track, which is located on the southwest corner of the Santa Maria Public Airport, has hosted club level, regional and national caliber events.

Established in March 2009, M1GP (M1-GrandPrix) a North American mini motorcycle roadracing association which offers a family-friendly environment for kids and adults with rider training, sprint and endurance races.

Details about the exclusive SMKA partnership and motorcycle membership will be made available at the event on Jan. 13th and posted on the M1GP website after.

560 420 M1GP American Mini Motorcycle Road Racing Association

Honda Sponsors M1GP’s Rider Clinic Program

Press Release

Oct. 17, 2017

American Honda is now an official sponsor of the popular and successful M1GP Rider Clinics; a proven program which helps riders develop confidence and real-world riding and racing skills in a controlled environment.  Honda will be supporting M1GP with motorcycles for their fleet and the use of the Honda Rider Education center in Colton, California.

M1GP is thrilled to have Honda on board as a sponsor. This will greatly benefit our program for our riders who want to build skills for the pastime of riding and the sport of motorcycle roadracing.  Since the beginning in 2009, M1GP has believed in the Honda brand — its history with great products and racing heritage, Honda motorcycles were the clear choice for our rider clinics. 

Our fleet of motorcycles must withstand rigorous use from riders of all skill levels, mock races, and a grueling schedule, and the Honda motorcycles have proven to hold up with minimal maintenance.  Having Honda’s support will greatly help us offer a consistent experience for our riders, who will see why we chose Honda motorcycles. I’m very excited about our riderclinic program with Honda on board.” – Young Lee, CEO/Founder M1GP.

M1GP will be holding a number of events throughout the 2018 season, ranging from rider clinics, races and special events.

Please check the M1GP schedule and website for announcements.

560 420 M1GP American Mini Motorcycle Road Racing Association


September 24, 2017

M1GP Operational Bulletin – Unsafe Riding Enforcement Actions

Rider safety is of utmost importance to M1GP. The following issues have been in the rulebook for years, but new enforcement actions are being put in place to address unsafe riding during M1GP racing events. This operational bulletin will remain as an amendment to the current rulebook and will be included in the next revision.


Several instances of unsafe riding practices were observed and reported during the recent M1GP24 (2017) which would not be acceptable at the professional level or any respected racing organization.
Up until recently this has not been issue that M1GP has had to directly address. Due to recent events, M1GP staff feels it must directly address this issue with rules and escalation steps.

Unsafe riding is unacceptable and a risk to the safely of all event participants, and will not be tolerated at M1GP events.

Overly Aggressive Riding

Overly aggressive riding may include, but not be limited to: stuffing, intentionally or a pattern of cutting off the nose after a pass, punting (knocking someone off the track

–  Hand Signals

Any hand signals given from the bleachers to the track or vice versa will be penalized with increasing penalties (as stated earlier with unsafe riding). This includes thumbs up or “#1” or waving.
All communication between rider and team must happen in the designated pit-board area only.

Any rider or team that demonstrates a perceived pattern of unsafe riding as determined by M1GP will be subject to one or more of the following enforcement actions. Race direction will determine which enforcement actions are appropriate based on infraction conditions.


  • Formal notice by race direction, verbal or written, of infraction.
  • Event penalties assessed for offending rider or team.
  • Disqualification and immediate removal of rider from participation in event.
  • Disqualification and immediate removal of team from participation in event.