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Riders from the BMRC coming for M1GP training and racing

January 9th, 2018

M1GP welcomes a new group of riders from Bermuda for a weekend of learning, practice and racing.

Back in 2008, the premier mini motorcycle road racing association on the west coast was the CMRRA (California Motorcycle Road Racing Association), ran by Al and Sheri Lyons. Ridership was down due to aggressive competing clubs and the economic crisis of 2007-2008.
In the early part of August, 2008, M1GP, a track day company then, was contacted by a representative of the Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club (BMRC), to bring a group of riders out for a weekend of training and practice. Talks began and both groups were feeling good about the visit and how the riders we were rooting for in the RedBull Rookies Cup were doing. Benny Solis Jr. and Toriano Wilson had just had great results at the Laguna Seca round.  Tragically, on August 17th, Wilson was involved in an accident in which he passed away.  “We were all devastated by the news – it hit racing community hard and of course, the family and friends, but the riders coming were close friends and family of Toriano, wanted to move forward with the visit.  We held the weekend in his honor with the help of Al and the local racing community. It was an unforgettable time.” – Young Lee.

This spring, M1GP welcomes a new group of riders from Bermuda, who will be attending a special rider clinic and Round 3 of the M1GP championship series.
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560 420 M1GP American Mini Motorcycle Road Racing Association

Honda Sponsors M1GP’s Rider Clinic Program

Press Release

Oct. 17, 2017

American Honda is now an official sponsor of the popular and successful M1GP Rider Clinics; a proven program which helps riders develop confidence and real-world riding and racing skills in a controlled environment.  Honda will be supporting M1GP with motorcycles for their fleet and the use of the Honda Rider Education center in Colton, California.

M1GP is thrilled to have Honda on board as a sponsor. This will greatly benefit our program for our riders who want to build skills for the pastime of riding and the sport of motorcycle roadracing.  Since the beginning in 2009, M1GP has believed in the Honda brand — its history with great products and racing heritage, Honda motorcycles were the clear choice for our rider clinics. 

Our fleet of motorcycles must withstand rigorous use from riders of all skill levels, mock races, and a grueling schedule, and the Honda motorcycles have proven to hold up with minimal maintenance.  Having Honda’s support will greatly help us offer a consistent experience for our riders, who will see why we chose Honda motorcycles. I’m very excited about our riderclinic program with Honda on board.” – Young Lee, CEO/Founder M1GP.

M1GP will be holding a number of events throughout the 2018 season, ranging from rider clinics, races and special events.

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